Tianlongshan Caves Project

An extension of the Buddhist Caves Project begun with Xiangtangshan, the international collaborative research project on the Buddhist cave shrines of Tianlongshan also produced a database of images and 3D models of sculptures outside China and of the caves.

The Tianlongshan caves were created from the sixth to eighth centuries, and like at Xiangtangshan, its sculptures were severely damaged in the early twentieth century when many were taken for sale in the international art market. The project has resulted in with the identification of former sculptural images with their original cave locations and digital reconstruction of the caves, as well as the restoration of broken sculptures now located outside of China.

Tianlongshan Caves

The project resulted in a website and exhibitions based on digital installations, including a large scale exhibition at the Taiyuan Municipal Museum that opened in September 2019 (see https://tls.uchicago.edu, OCAT Gallery exhibition catalog).