Grants and Awards

Student grants and award enhance the learning experience through assistance with conducting research and experience in writing about their research. The travel grants allow students to attend conferences that they might not otherwise attend if not presenting a paper and to travel to libraries, museums, and cultural sites to conduct research related to their dissertations.

Travel and Research Grants

Travel and Research Grants for East Asian Art

Open to: University of Chicago graduate students in East Asian Art History with rolling applications throughout each academic year.

The grant provides modest support for students traveling outside the Chicago metropolitan area to attend conferences and conduct research at museums and other locations relating to East Asian art. The grant takes the form of reimbursement for up to $600 worth of expenses that would not otherwise be covered. To apply, send an email to Center Administrator with the following information:


Hou Beiren Graduate Student Enhancement Fund

The fund to honor the Chinese American artist Hou Beiren supports graduate student research projects in East Asian art with the approval of faculty advisors. The fund is established with a generous grant from Mark Barnekow and his wife Jean Song to promote the study of Chinese painting and other fields of East Asian art and for the CAEA “to attract and support top graduate students and extend its global influence in the arts of East Asia for many years to come.” Hou Beiren has used contemporary approaches to establish new directions for Chinese ink-based art. The artist, now 105 years old, was born in Liaoning Province China in 1917 and studied with master painter Huang Binhong before leaving China for Japan and then coming to the U.S. in 1956. He founded the American Association for the Advancement of Chinese Art (ASACA) in 1979 and has taught hundreds of students. His life’s work should inspire new research directions for future generations of students.

For more information see, Advancing Innovative East Asian Arts Research Within the Humanities



Liu Cong Memorial Prize for the Best Essay on East Asian Art and Visual Culture

The Liu Cong Memorial Prize was established in 2010–2011 in memory of Liu Cong (1979–2008) who was a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Art of History when she died of brain cancer. She was a promising young scholar in East Asian art who was much admired for her talent and vitality of mind and spirit. These qualities along with her great strength and courage in the face of her illness inspired those close to her to remember her by awarding a prize in her name. The annual award is for the best research paper in a topic related to East Asian art and visual culture by a graduate student enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Chicago. The award is made annually in the spring quarter.

The Center is grateful to all those who were involved in the creation and support of this prize.