Li Pan


Li Pan is a professor of art history theory at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy aesthetics from Renmin University, Beijing, where he taught from 2002-2012. His research in Chicago has focused on Asian and European prints, and Japanese contemporary art. Prof. Pan has been extremely productive during his time at UChicago with publications including a revised third edition of his book on Japanese Ukiyo-e (Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 2020),  Presence: Dialogues with Famous Contemporary Japanese Artists, (Shanghai People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, 2020), Ukiyo-e: A dream journey to Edo, (Shanghai Calligraphy and Panting Press, 2020). Integrated Visions: Exhibition of Asia-Europe Classic Prints, Shanghai University Press, 2021).

He also conducted a written interview with Christine Mehring on the topic of public art on the UChicago campus that was published in the first issue of the new Chinese journal, Public Art.

Prof. Li has extended his stay at the University of Chicago through the academic year 2021-22.