First Class

First Class
Wu Hung

Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
First Class

The world-renowned Chinese art historian Wu Hong has taught the first lectures in various fields of Chinese art history in prestigious American schools. It is an introductory reading of Chinese art.

"The First Class" can be called the Chinese version of "The Story of Art". It systematically displays the meaning of "Chinese Beauty" with profound and simple explanations, and takes the reader to the highest level of Chinese art.

This is the first lesson for the world to understand Chinese art, and it is also the first lesson for the Chinese to walk into their own great civilization and beauty.

As an internationally renowned scholar in the field of Chinese art history, Professor Wu Hong has tried to translate Chinese and Western cultures since the last century, opening a new paradigm for writing Chinese art history. This book is a collection of lectures Wu Hung gave to students in the first semester of the first semester at Harvard and University of Chicago over the past 30 years. He hopes that Chinese readers can rediscover and understand the art and civilization of their country through his eyes.

In the first class of the two universities, the professor introduced to the college students what the course is for, so as to provide the college students' reference for elective courses. The art history courses of Harvard and Chicago are divided into three levels. The most basic is designed for undergraduates "core curriculum" (Core Course,) , aims to "educate young people have" to provide basic knowledge training. The middle level is a course that can be selected by both undergraduate and graduate students, and the degree of professionalism is thus enhanced. The highest level is a small discussion class for graduate students, mainly doctoral students. This class emphasizes continuous interaction, discussion, consultation and independent research by students. The lecture notes in this book include the content of these three courses.

Different from previous art history works, the author uses a thematic way of narration to replace the past time-based art development history writing, and uses profound and simple language to gather every aura of the author's thoughts into a cluster of stars, unfolding in a more real and open historical time and space.


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